By sponsoring a child, you will provide an opportunity for a student to enroll in the PFD program which will be held once a week for 9 months.  PFD stays with the student throughout their middle and high school careers preparing them emotionally, academically and socially for college graduation.  We provide one-on-one mentoring/counseling for all PFD students.  We have a 90% success rate for college graduation when students remain in PFD for 3 years or more.  We ask that you sponsor a child to give them an opportunity to achieve a college education and become a positive influence in our society.  Every donation helps.  Thank you.


  •  $10 - $500 or more

Sponsor a PFD student

  • 3-month sponsorship $350
  • 6-month sponsorship $700
  • 9-month sponsorship (Full academic year) - $1,050

Once you become a sponsor, you will be updated monthly on the progress of the program and student’s achievement via email.